Why Choose Jerseys?

Higher feed conversion efficiency = Lower feed costs
1.6 kgs energy corrected milk/kg of DM eaten Vs 1.3 in Fresians

Jersey cattle are known to have the richest milk of all dairy breeds with averages of 6 % butterfat and 4% Protein and Yields of up to 8500 kgs

  • Lighter cow 450 kgs V 600 kgs for Fresian cattle
  • Cows can be turned out earlier with less poaching occurring
  • Can be stocked higher therefore higher milk solids / ha – Ease of calving
  • Lower replacement rate therefore more stock to sell
  • Hard feet and less susceptible to lameness
  • Equally suitable to high input high output systems or low cost grass based systems
  • Reach maturity earlier therefore produce milk earlier than other breeds will
  • Mix in well with Holsteins and wont be bullied as they are aggressive feeders