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My Rewarding Experience.

In 2005 I was buying Friesian cows and went to a man who also had Pedigree Jerseys in his herd and was asked did I ever consider them.No was my anwser. He showed me his milk records 1200gallons @4.2%  protein and 5.8 %butterfat. I suddenly realised that Jersey cows milk was worth a lot more money.

I bought the jerseys the next day and they had an immediate positive impact on my milk solids.

At the time my average yield was 1450 gls @3.26Pr and 3.6 F which only earned creamery base price. By 2011 with 75% of the herd pedigree jersey , 25%friesian my percentages were 3.77Pr and 4.89 F.

In October 2011 I dried off the Friesians due to quota restrictions and continued to milk the jerseys . At this stage they were giving 11.5 Litres @ 5.13Pr and 7.6 F earning 56cent/Litre .The pedigree jerseys have increased my milk sales €350/cow/year. My only regret is that I did not make the switch to Pedigree Jerseys ten years earlier. The common question Im asked is about cull cow value. My anwser is that these cows last longer in the herd . We have cows in their 10th lactation and in calf heading for their 11th lactation. Calving index reduced from 420 days five years ago to 386 days presently. Herd turnout is earlier due to the lighter weight of the cow. They certainly came into their own with all the wet weather in 2012. Why settle for silver when you can have gold.

Ultan Cousins, Couisinstown , Co. Wexford.  

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